Teecaake x Sheffield: The Steel City

Known to many as ‘The Steel City’, Sheffield is a great place with a rich history. Although I am inclined to my biased opinion, having lived here for the past 2 years whilst studying at the University of Sheffield, there’s just something about its ridiculously hilly grounds that make me incredibly happy being a part of all the hustle and bustle.

Over the past decade or so, Sheffield has grown out of its original trademarks and become the home to many individual shops and businesses. With such a surplus of creativity being injected into the city, there certainly hasn’t been a shortage of art being dotted around everywhere. So, when I decided to rejuvenate Teecaake and give it a fresh look, I looked no further than my own city’s artistic ingeniousness to help me get started.

Collaging has certainly always been my favourite form of art and to be able to incorporate photography with my artwork was definitely something I enjoyed doing. It’s important to be able to envision an idea and then execute in such a way that not only is aesthetic but conveys emotions.

My aim was to document street art in Sheffield by envisioning it from different perspectives and combining them with my artwork.

Kelham Island, the location where most of the photos were taken, holds a very special place in my heart. It’s littered with indie coffee shops and far too many strange alleyways with unreal graffiti and murals sprayed across. I wanted to uplift the playful vibes of one or the most happening urban quarters of the country into my art.

As well as practice, constantly reinventing yourself and finding new mediums to test your skills on is key as an artist.
Art is learning from others. Art is reimagining existing scenarios. Art is inclusion and art is diversity. Art is colour. Art is whatever you want it to be.

Art is Sheffield.