Hi! I’m Tahira, or Tee for short, the founder of Teecaake. Teecaake as it stands today first started in between pages and pages of writing on my journal just after I finished high school in 2013. But I properly began to think of it as a serious venture in the summer of 2015. Soon after, Teecaake was born.

Producing unique designs inspired by strong figures representing values of diversity, inclusivity, confidence and colour, Teecaake began as a passion project which slowly developed into an outlet for my mental health and struggles with cultural diaspora. 6 years later, the Teecaake brand spans multiple social media platforms, having amassed a following of over 60,000 people.

My art exemplifies many strong figures both in the media and in history that inspire me. As a female of South Asian origin, having grown up in a cities as vibrant as Manchester and Sheffield, now living in London, diversity and representation is extremely important to me. I aim for my art to convey my views and who I am, but above all inspire others.


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When I’m not drawing, I’m usually working on 100 different other things. One of those include studying for my Design masters degree. To find out more of my design engineering work, click here.