“Why Don’t You Draw Faces?”

Possibly the most common question I’ve ever been asked…”

First of all, as a lot of people may or may not have guessed from looking at my art, faceless art is simply the style of my drawing. I actually have no idea how I came up with the idea of it all. I just kind of did one drawing and decided I loved the way it looked and stuck with it. My journal is filled with doodles I’ve done of just faceless all sorts. All people I like or admire. I like the idea of being able to tell exactly who I’m drawing without even having to draw their faces. I like the ambiguity it possesses as well as how obvious it seems to those who know what to look for.

Not drawing faces or leaving the faces blank draws attention to other aspects of a piece. It helps me make a bolder statement. It helps make statements in general!
I like to think I incorporate enough things to compensate for the lack of a face on the people I draw. I’m a huge fan of collaging as well. I’m a sucker for the classic magazine cut outs and moodboard-making and scrapbooking all kinds. I even remember going through an entire phase in high school of scrapbooking which has left me with a hefty craft supply collection to this day!
Not drawing faces leaves a lot of room for experimenting. It makes my pieces look like they’re still part of my sketchbook or an incomplete thought. People are free to imagine their own faces on my drawings!

  1. I absolutely love your style and you’re right, it is a bold statement, a unique aspect in portraits.

  2. I absolutely love your style of work!! I haven’t seen anyone do that sort of thing before and it really does show your talent with the ability to tell who the person is without their face! I think it’s awesome that you stick to something that is so unique!

  3. I agree with what everyone said!!!! I feel like I haven’t found my style yet and I can’t wait to! I love your work!

  4. Pure talent to be able to draw such detailed drawings in order to portray the character without needing to see a face!

  5. Omg love your art! How you have your own style and that your work is unique. I adore you for that…Sis!

  6. You’ve made so many good points! I love that you think how the faceless feature adds to the ambiguous feel of your drawings. Also they’re so unbelievably good that you don’t even need the facial features to identify who they are! The detailing in your art is just so realistic.

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