How to Overcome “Artist’s Block” Easily

[small_title title=”You can’t. You won’t. And you’ll  probably be unable to ever draw again unless you find a way.”]

he thing with art is, it stresses on being in an extremely toxic relationship with you. If you ever find yourself busy with anything that isn’t art, or realise you don’t have time to do art, art will insist on being the only thing in your mind and flooding with a level of creativity even Picasso himself would probably be jealous of. I said probably. You will fill the need to draw everyone and everything that has ever lived and you will fail your math exam because the grid lines in the graph questions only made you thing about drawing proportionately and you want nothing better than to weep into your sketchbook.

Despite your struggles, you go ahead and do this thing called “life” which involves peeling yourself away from Instagram and Tumblr and going outside your bedroom.

When you’re finally relaxed however and ready to do art, your brain decides it has had enough of you putting art second after everything suddenly forgets the difference between red and green. You’ve lost all ability to hold a pencil. You have zero ideas on where on the page to begin your drawing and even if you somehow get started, you’ve drawn the head too far down into the page or too much to the side to finish it properly. You say to yourself, “sure… I’ll just…leave out his left arm. It’ll be fine.” You continue for another 5 minutes into the somewhat dysfunctional  sketch and realise you are only able to draw three quarters of his left shoe. The even tougher part in this already painful process finally comes when you realise that’s the best hand you’ve ever drawn in your life and yet the drawing now has seemingly zero value without a complete left shoe.

So in conclusion, I have decided that art is evil and we’re all better off living under a rock. And if you really want to overcome ‘artist’s block’ you should just take a nice nap, go for a little walk, watch a sappy movie and sit down with a good cup of coffee.

All will be well.

Good luck!


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