Illustrated by my lovely friend, Pam.


“Just your average 20 year old faceless art enthusiast from the North West of England…”

‘Teecaake’ as it stands today first started in between pages and pages of writing on my journal just after I finished high school. But I properly began to think of it as something I could potentially invest a lot of time into in the summer of 2015. Some personal struggles aside with a gap year ahead to make something of myself, ‘Teecaake’ was born (a name fabricated by putting together the first letter of my name, T, and the end of the word ‘cupcake’ because it’s essentially what I’ve been famous for among my friends for loving). Despite being apprehensive at first, after much encouragement from my little sister, I braved creating  an Instagram account to showcase some of my already completed pieces. I knew I was pushing my luck a little when I invested some of my savings on creating a few art prints and putting together an online shop for ‘Teecaake’ inspired by many great artists in the fan art community.

The response I got however was pretty immediate and extremely shocking. I owe every part of that to the lovely people who supported my work from the very beginning and watched my art grow in terms of my skills and ideas to what they are today.

I smile whenever I think of the fact that people in over 15 different countries as well as almost 30 different states in the USA have pieces of my art in their homes somewhere on their walls, or as t-shirts, or journals or other merchandise.

So, thank you.