*Once you’re sure you’d like a journal, please answer the following questions the form below so that I know exactly how to draw your journal. Please try and be as detailed as possible about what you’d like on your journal. Alternatively, if you’d simply like to give the name of the person/idea you’d like me draw and leave the rest to me, that’s all fine (and the better option I personally think as it allows me to be less restricted in terms of my creative input).

1) Who do you want the journal to feature on the front? If you have a certain image in mind, by all means send it to me, bearing in mind I can’t do side profile images as I don’t draw faces.

2) Who do you want the journal to feature on the back? (optional)
3) Do you want to add any main quotes or titles on either side of the journal?

4) Do you want any lyrics written on the covers or along the spines?

5) Do you have any specific colours you want me to use on the covers?

If you only want an illustrated quote on the journal, simply add the quote you’d like on the journal below in the form.

If you have any specific pictures in mind you’d like, please feel free to DM me on twitter/instagram or email me!

If you’ve filled out the form, go ahead and order your journal now!